Sunday, January 12, 2014

Voyage to Farland Review AND GIVEAWAY

I'm going to be entirely upfront - roguelikes are one of the types of games that, while I like them, I'm not very good at them. I've heard such good things about some of them, text-based ones particularly, but the controls are so crazy and equipment is a hassle and I die on the first or second floor every time. While Voyage to Farland has a lot in common with those, it's far better, has more going on, but manages to do it all while keeping the required buttons to a minimum, using intuitive menus and making equipment a breeze. Oh, and it's a graphical roguelike, so you don't control an @ symbol fighting letters, shooting *s, etc.

If you take a look at Peculiar Games' website, it quickly becomes obvious that Patrick Casey (developer) loves roguelikes. The game is very much an homage to them and the Japanese Mystery Dungeon games he's quick to credit as the game's inspiration, but it's a fantastic game in its own right as well. The graphics may look fun and cute, but don't let them fool you - this is as serious and deep of a roguelike as I've seen. I dare say it's even deeper, since it has a story going for it, a boss, multiple dungeons, characters to assist you and some serious strategy with the beads, scrolls and other items you can find.

If you die, you CAN ask for a rescue. I didn't try this part of the game out, but I sure should have!

For those not familiar, roguelikes are typically a type of RPG where you explore a dungeon (or dungeons) full of monsters, treasure and traps. Everything is turn based - each time you move, use something or attack, any enemies do too, and any special effects do their thing as well. Roguelikes are typically entirely randomized, and most of all, if you die it's all over. There's no continue, no "keep your equipment but lose an experience level", etc - you start aaaaaaall over again! The game employs a training dungeon to help you learn the game (and the ideas behind roguelikes), plus once you complete it you'll get to keep whatever items and experience you found!

The game is available on the computer (which is where I tested it), but it's also available on Android! While I didn't play it on Android, the very nature of the game would make it a perfect fit for on-the-go gaming!

The Giveaway

Patrick Casey, the developer of Voyage to Farland, was kind enough to give me five copies to giveaway through the Humble Store! These download links will work for Windows or Linux. Winners will be notified via email with the email they use with the Rafflecopter and have one week to respond before a new winner is chosen. ALL of the entries are optional in this giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Available For: Windows/Linux (reviewed), Android ($2.99)
Developed By: Peculiar Games

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