Ludum Dare 28: You Only Get One

For those not familiar, Ludum Dare is a competition where thousands of people make a video game in an incredibly short amount of time. The main portion is a 48 hour competition where people must work alone, but there's also a 72 hour jam that allows for teams. It's all kicked off by a term of time where people can submit themes, which is followed up by several rounds of voting on the best of those themes until the exact minute when the competition begins and the theme is announced. The goal is to make a game based on that theme, and this time the theme was "You Only Get One", which led to my favorite hash tag of all time - #YOGO!

I've been participating in Ludum Dare on and off for a few years now, and it's definitely one heck of a competition! For those who participate, I actually wrote my own tips/guide blog post on my game development blog a while back. Heck, a good quarter of the games I made on The Critterverse are Ludum Dare games (or were expanded on from Ludum Dare games).

This year, a grand total of 2,064 games were made, nearly 1,300 of which were made in 48 hours by a single person! Now that I'm covering games instead of making them, I felt a call to try to cover some of the ones I really like and help let gamers know that there are a LOT of free, awesome video games that come from three little weekends a year! Below is a list of games I've reviewed in December 2013's Ludum Dare 28 (and you can also just play any of em you want right here!)

The Games!

A Pantless Man with a Clueless Plan - A really funny "exploration adventure" with some really awesome art!
Choose Wisely - A platformer that gives you important choices, and that you absolutely must play more than once to complete. Plus, the hand-drawn art is pretty sweet!
Crossbore - A controller-enabled action game where you have only one arrow, so you have to carefully shoot and retrieve it while killing hordes of Puplings until the Queen arrives.
Dare to Dig - Dig through floor after floor, hunting for legendary treasure and preserving your one pickaxe.
Goblyrinth - A randomly-generated puzzle where you have to guide your goblins out of a dark cave. Each goblin gets only one match to help light up the darkness. Good luck!
Hide the Baby - Keep the inspector from finding out you've had a second baby by disguising it with any combination of several random items!
My Dad's the Grinch - If you want all of the gifts under the Christmas tree, you've got to open them in the right order! Your dad will tell you which to open, and you'll have to figure out which box it's in.
No Way Out - A perfectly-atmospheric point-and-click adventure in 3 minutes or less. Between the heart beat, the visual, frantic thoughts and the timer, you'll be as scared as the character in the game!
Old MacDonald Vs Zombies - You and cow must crush an unending horde of zombies. How? Pick up the cow's poop to make it happy, then call it over and let it trample all of the zombies in between of course! How else?
One Video Game - A choose-your-own-adventure FMV game with a HYSTERICAL ending!
Party of One - A unique puzzle-battle game where you have to protect your town by using your three-in-one party of heroes strategically. How many rounds can you survive?

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