Hey there! I'm Charlie, an indie game developer and creator of The Critterverse. I've always loved promoting other indies; one of the hardest things about making it as a game maker is getting your game out there so it can get some attention and make some sales! I also write another blog from time to time - my game development blog - where I write about making games, but I figured I really needed to start a separate blog so that people wouldn't see a whole bunch of stuff they don't care about.

I mostly enjoy puzzle, action, RPG and platforming games, and play them on my laptop (which isn't very powerful), our Wii or our 360. The "we", by the way, includes my fiancee Angel. My dream games are always anything that we can play on Wii or 360 together, but we won't shy away from single player games where we simply take turns.

With Charlie's Point of View you can expect game reviews, previews and news. I'm mostly focused on indie games, but I'll cover anything that I think looks awesome. I'm a very positive person, and you'll see that in this blog as well. I hope you enjoy it!

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