Sunday, March 16, 2014

Launching A Newsletter for Awesomeness in Your Inbox With a Giveaway!

In my adventures in the internet, I come across a lot of really cool stuff. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough time to write about all of it, and just as often someone else has already done a great job of writing about it themselves. That's what this newsletter is about - I'll inform you when I write new articles and about my giveaways, sure, but I'll also share the funny, cool, interesting and awesome stuff that I come across as well. I'm not sure how often this will get sent out, but it certainly won't be a daily thing, and anyone who subscribes is always welcome to unsubscribe any time, and I swear I won't do anything uncool like selling your info (or giving it out for free either!)

To celebrate, (and in all honesty, to get some people to actually see what I'm sending out!), I'm gonna give away five copies of Siege of Turtle Enclave on Desura AND everyone who subscribes by the end of the giveaway will get a free copy of When Asteroids Attack (my game!).

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