Monday, March 3, 2014

F.I.T. Quest on Kickstarter - Perform the Actions of Heroes to Get in Shape!

Gamification of exercise is one of the areas that, while it sounds easy, actually isn't. Fitocracy is a pretty cool site, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't fully capture the game as much as I'd hoped. F.I.T. Quest, on the other hand, sounds like it just might! I'm all for mimicking the actions of an epic RPG/Adventure hero to advance my quests, earn gold and experience and become more fit at the same time!

The game consists of two separate portions - an optional offline version with real cards and a map, as well as the online one. What makes it really awesome, though, is that (according to the creator) you can even print out card versions of yourself as you progress, losing weight, becoming more fit, etc. What could be cooler than having numerous PHYSICAL cards of yourself as you grow more fit? That's some awesome motivation in my book!

Estimated Completion: May 2014

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