Saturday, March 15, 2014

Derrick the Deathfin Review

Derrick the Deathfin was one of those games that I just had to play the very second I saw a glimpse of it. The game is "the world's very first underwater papercraft videogame", and aside from games like Paper Mario that are made to look like paper, it's the first true papercraft video game I've ever seen at all! Seriously, watch the launch trailer below and avoid drooling before it's majesty, I dare you!

The sheer amount of papercraft, from Derrick himself to the cardboard numbers (and world!!!), animals, humans, explosions, life meter... It's just overwhelmingly awesome! Heck, the developer even has D.I.Y. paper kits on the webpage for you to freely download and create! You don't even have to buy the game to enjoy that awesomeness!

The game itself is all about speed. And carnage. And avenging the death of your parents. And the destruction, pollution and evilness of us humans. And collecting gems. And launching into the air to get through fiery rubber tires. So I guess it's all about a lot of things, but speed is definitely #1. It's like an underwater Sonic the Hedgehog meets Ecco the Dolphin's swimming abilities (and not dying 3 seconds after going underwater...). Speed comes from both the way you move through the water and the speed at which your life meter drops - you are a VERY hungry shark, so you need to munch on other critters quite frequently to survive through the end of the level. There are also timed levels, where you have to get through the level in a certain amount of time, those are extra speedy!

Earth has NEVER looked more awesome, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! The Americas is the first region you play in.

There is also the occasional boss fight and, as the developer refers to it, "environmental disaster" level. I was able to make it far enough to take on one of each of these, although I never was quite able to defeat the boss. The environmental disaster level had me knock an explosive into the water, line it up and press a button to make a drill hit it before it exploded, which was a lot of fun! It reminded me of old-school Batman with the explosive texts and all (you can see what I mean in the announcement trailer across the top). The boss was a battle between Derrick and a bigger shark, who would hurt you if you hit him in the front, but if you got him in the back portion it damaged him. I would get so caught up in the frantic, "kill him fast and don't die"-ness that I'd lose each time.

The game is hard, definitely, but it's very worth a play!

Available for: Windows/Mac ($7.99), PS3 ($7.99)
Developed by: Different Tuna

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