Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clobbr for Android/iOS - "Precious, Adorable Mild Violence"

Doesn't this just SCREAM "Precious, adorable mild violence"???

I was informed about an intriguing little title called Clobbr that the developer very cleverly calls "precious, adorable mild violence." I'll admit, that little tagline alone had me intrigued!

Note: Since I have no device that can play the game, I couldn't test this out myself. I have only the developer's information, images and videos to go by.

That kitty is gonna get it!

Like any good puzzle game, the concept is incredibly simple: slide each row right or left to line up the symbols, then clobber the ball into the ground, watching it follow the path you've created. Your goal is to get the rock to hit the kitty, saving the mice, and you've got a limited amount of time to line it all up. At first, it looks like it's just arrows, but then there are trampolines, ice blocks, portals, bowling balls, mouse traps... Craziness galore! To quote the developer: "The game includes 100 levels across 5 worlds, each introducing a new type of block - trampolines, catapults, ice cubes, portals and bowling balls, with new worlds and blocks planned in the near future."

Available For: iOS ($1.99), Android ($1.99)
Developed By: Czarcade

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