Sunday, February 23, 2014

Query, The Party Game!

I don't often peruse or pay attention to party games because I don't party and very, very rarely play games with more than one other person, but Query has to be an exception. The concept is simple and hilarious - guess the second half of the search string!

If you've ever used Google, you're familiar with autofill - you begin typing a search and it comes up with possible endings to what you're wanting to search. "Video games are", for example, brings up:

  • ... good for you
  • ... bad
  • ... a waste of time
  • ... art
  • ... bad for you
Query is entirely focused around this hysterical, and as Phoebe rightfully points out, "often profound, always insightful" idea. To quote the Kickstarter:

"Each card has a Query beginning and 4 real Query endings. The dealer reads the Query beginning out loud and players come up with their own endings, write them down on whiteboards, and submit them to the dealer. Meanwhile the dealer chooses a real Query ending that he thinks nobody will guess from the card and writes it down on a whiteboard. The dealer reads all the endings out loud, including the one he chose. Players then take turns guessing which is the real ending."

Is it dangerous to... skip over this Kickstarter campaign? No, but you'd regret it all the same!

The game is a bit pricey due to the whiteboards and all, but it's unique and, dare I say, worth it. It's already slaughtered its goal as well, so that's certainly a good sign. If you don't have the $40 CAD to purchase it now, you can pledge anywhere from $5-$20 and get that much as a rebate off of the purchase of the full game.

Available: May 2014 (Estimated)
Lowest Price for Purchase: $40 CAD + $10 shipping in the US or Canada, $15 elsewhere ($44.94 USD with shipping)

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