Friday, January 3, 2014

Tower Zoo for iOS - A Wild Puzzle Game

Note: I don't own any of the available platforms for this game, and am therefore unable to review it. It's not that I don't want to play it, trust me!

The creator of Tower Zoo reached out to me a while back (almost two months ago... Geez am I behind!) about this game, and once I checked it out I figured I had to give it some coverage. Plus, it's one of only three games that was nominated for the Media Innovation Awards, so that's saying quite a bit too!

The video itself doesn't go into too much detail about how to play, but I read Matt Albrecht's review on Indie Statik (which is highly entertaining, and I absolutely suggest you read as well) and apparently the game plays out turn by turn, each person placing their animal on the board. If three of the same height are in a row (not including diagonally), they absorb into one that's one higher of your type. The goal is to have the most of your own type left at the end of the game, so you'll want to absorb as many of your enemy's types as you can since having three stacks of your own absorb would actually make you lose animals. Oh, and there are also bonus squares that do all sorts of things, so there's a lot of strategy going on here!

What I can absolutely tell you, even without playing it, is that the graphics are absolutely adorable and awesome. Plus, the full version is only 99 cents!

Available for: iOS (99 cents)
Developed by: Mini World Games

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