Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tower of Guns Alpha Review AND GIVEAWAY!

Tower of Guns is roguelike meets Doom meets some great humor. The game is currently in alpha state, which means it's not quite as awesome, or complete, as it will be one day. Despite that, and the fact that my laptop really wasn't great for handling it, it was a load of fun! In a sentence, if you're a fan of FPS games and want one that's always fresh, Tower of Guns is absolutely worth your money.

Note: I did not create the Lets Play video above, but it was very effective in showing the game off.

Tower of Guns, as it stands, already has a lot going on. When you first start, you choose between two different guns: one shoots saw blades (like Metal Man!) that are slightly slow but more powerful while the other shoots rapidly but requires more hits to kill enemies. You also get to choose from special powers: one lets you double-jump and the other allows you to avoid damage from falls. You unlock more of each through playing the game, and not all of them are currently available in the game's alpha state. You also end up picking up money in your play through, but I didn't find what it's good for (more than likely because I died so quickly!). Oh, and you can also level up your gun by picking up blue drops from kills, but it can also level down when you take damage!

Hugbots make everything else cute in the world look like puke. LIKE PUKE! MELT FROM THEIR ADORABLENESS!

Like I said before, the game has an awesome sense of humor. It's not even just the game itself, Joe Mirabello, developer of the game, puts an awesome combination of hilarious and well executed in everything he's done. Heck, just check out the game's website! Or his book! You're quickly introduced to the Hugbots (and yes, you can kill them, you sadistic, cold-hearted maniac), and the game even speaks to you a bit, thanking you for purchasing the game and then telling you it'll get out of your way, etc.

Between the humor, the infinite replayability and the graphics (seriously, although I didn't talk about them, it's easy to mistake it for any non-indie FPS even on my crappy laptop), Tower of Guns is very worth the purchase and support.

The Giveaway!

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Available For: Windows ($9.50)
Developed By: Terrible Posture Games

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