Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Game a Month (#1GAM): Year Two

There's always an awesome monthly revamp of the site, this one celebrates making it into #1GAM's second year!
Christer Kaitila (@McFunkypants as he's better known) - an incredibly prolific indie game developer - came up with One Game a Month (#1GAM) last year and it's currently celebrating the beginning of year two! If I remember right, I first heard about it mid-December-ish 2012 and was so psyched! As someone who loves a good challenge, the idea of having a great excuse to come up with 12 video games in a year was too much to resist. Oh, and there are achievements and experience points to earn, two things I simply can't resist! I did make five games myself out of the 12 months, although two were in the same month.

The challenge is as simple as the name itself: make a game every month! Unlike many game creation competitions there's only one rule (taken from the website): "There are no rules. This is a personal challenge. Have fun and be nice." I unfortunately didn't note exactly what the count was on January 1st, but as of Jan 3rd there are currently 5,399 games from over 7,000 users! If you're a game developer, you've got no excuse not to give it a try (even if you just make bigger games, you can simply submit each one in the month it's completed), and if you're a video game lover you'll be able to play thousands of games from one place, all searchable by keyword or tag!

Each month, an optional theme is posted, and Christer often does a keynote speech or video. This month's theme is "Respawn", and it's absolutely perfectly fitting for a new year. You can checkout the keynote speech below in the video while you watch countless games going by.

Are you taking part in January's #1GAM? What are you working on?

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