Monday, January 6, 2014

Old MacDonald Vs Zombies - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

Old MacDonald Vs Zombies by @RogueNoodle is the last game I'm able to play before ratings end, and it's another keeper! This one focuses on a kindly old farmer and his cow... And an endless horde of zombies, of course. Like most zombies, they aren't there to party or go cow tipping - they want your brains! To stop them, all you've gotta do is clean up poop and make your cow go on a zombie-slaughtering rampage. Simple enough, right?

Them thar graphics sure are purdy, too! Okay, that's more mountain than farmer... I never said I was an expert at imitation!
So, how do you get your cow to go on a fatal zombie-tipping spree? Just like you'd expect - clean up the cow's poop, making it super happy (you'll see the happiness heart to let you know!) and then call it to you, trampling everything between it and you on the way. There's also a combo meter for each time you clean up cow feces, and of course the zombies don't stay still either... They move back and forth, roaming for delicious brainage!

Pffft, that number of zombies is NOTHING!
My record is 29,930, can you beat it? Play the game here, or check out the game's Ludum Dare page here!

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