Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hide the Baby - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

Political satire! Hide the Baby (by @nickweihs) is all about, well, hiding your baby from an inspector. You see, you're a woman in China, where you're only allowed to have one child. Somehow you had a child without anyone knowing, but the neighbors have heard the crying, so now you've got to fool the inspector so that the baby isn't found out and you aren't hugely fined.

Step One: Find Items!
The game is broken down into three parts: find items, disguise baby and cross fingers hoping it worked. Finding the items is simple enough - simply move around your home pressing the space key to collect different items. You can check the whole house quite easily within the two minutes, so that's not a big deal at all, and luckily you can "Retry with items" so you can just skip to step 2 each time after.

Step two involves picking which item(s) to disguise your baby with. This is where things start to get really hysterical, as the baby can look really silly (the marker is my favorite item, even though I haven't found a winning combination with it yet).

SPOILER: Try this!
Step three is where the inspector comes in, which happens whenever you say you're ready or when the timer runs out. What makes this great (and rather amazing in such a short amount of time) is just the number of ways he responds to things. Just try the felt pen, for example... Even when you aren't successful, the inspector can be really hilarious, even if he is a jackass for making you lose so much!

Play the game here, or check out the game's Ludum Dare page here.

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