Saturday, January 4, 2014

Goblyrinth - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

Goblyrinth by Mlle Eole (@ebezolli) deserves praise for not only being funny, done well and even making a post-LD version (a version that's edited after the 72 hours and therefore not technically part of the jam), but also for succeeding in something that I tried previously myself with 10 Seconds Alive.

Goblyrinth puts you in the shoes of one of ten scouts, each with one matchstick, lighting up the dark and trying to plot a path out of a trap-riddled cave. Each round, a new scout is sent out from the same space, and once you hit space you light the torch. From that point on, each time you press an arrow key to move, the match moves one bit closer to extinguished. Your shaman uses his astral vision to keep a map of anything lit up, so each newly-lit space helps whether you die or not. You can also simply kill your scout at any time with the "Splorch!" button in case you run out of match and get stuck...

WOOHOO! The exit is found, so no more goblins must be sacrificed!

The game is quite funny and, since it's randomly generated, it's fun to play over and over. If you REALLY want a challenge, you can play the post-LD version that generates much more complex, dangerous mazes.

See? MUCH more dangerous!
You can play the Ludum Dare version here or the tougher (but more fun) post-LD version here. If you took part, you can also rate it here. The game/page is in both English and French; if it's in French and you want English, just click the yellow "En" button across the top.

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