Monday, January 6, 2014

Crossbore - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

Two indies were speaking with me on Twitter about each others' games (because that's what awesome indies too - praise each others' games!), one of the games mentioned was Crossbore by @i_palmentieri. Man am I glad they told me about it!

Just because you play as a girl doesn't mean the baddies are any easier or less bad; just the way it should be!

Crossbore puts you in the shoes of Paige, tasking you with destroying the attacking Pupling onslaught before taking on the Queen Pupling. To do so, you only get one arrow. Each time you shoot it, you have to go pick it back up... Unless you hold the Space key too long and it goes off the screen, or you miss... In which case you'll be forced to find it glittering somewhere on the screen. On the bright side, you can use the Space key to kick when you don't have your arrow, but you'll need it when the Queen Pupling comes for you!

The game is, as the developer says, rather difficult. To make it more accessible to everyone, there's also an easy version of the game that makes each Pupling kill lower the bar and bring about the Queen Pupling easier. Speaking of the Queen Pupling, that's one fun, creative boss fight there!

The Queen means business!

I ended up trying the regular version several times before moving on to the easy one, and I had genuine fun with each play. The fact that there's even 360 controller support would have made the game even more fun if I had it hooked up. You definitely need to give the game (and/or the easy version of it) a play! You can also find the game's Ludum Dare page here.

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