Saturday, January 4, 2014

Choose Wisely - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

Choose Wisely by zconnelly13 is the first platformer I've tried during this Ludum Dare. For those who haven't tried making a platformer, it's one heck of a challenge in 48 hours, and so it's quite common for Ludum Dare platformers to be pretty rough around the edges. While Choose Wisely isn't flawless by any means, it's definitely more polished up than expected. Plus, the art is really fun - I love hand-drawn art, and you can really see how each and every thing in the game was drawn by hand.

Hand drawn art for the win!

What makes Choose Wisely fit the "You Only Get One" theme is that you often have to choose between three choices, and you only get one of them. You get to choose your pet (mouse, kitteh or doge), your jump (wall jump, double jump or strong jump), etc. The choices you make throughout the game will make it (im)possible to get some stars but not others, so if you want all 52 you absolutely have to play through numerous times with different choices.

You only get one jump. Unless it's the wall jump. Or the double jump. But you can only CHOOSE one, so there!

You can play the game free in your browser here, and if you took part in Ludum Dare 28 you can rate it here as well!

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