Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"CANDY CANDY CANDY! Oh, and CANDY!" - A Game Jam and a Horrible Twist of Events

For those who aren't aware, King.com, the developers of Candy Crush Saga, the match-3 game that everyone and their grandmother plays and brags about making it to level 795 after a billion hours of failures and barely-successes (or lots of invested money) has officially trademarked the word "Candy". Already, apps in the iTunes app store are being told they must be removed for having the word "Candy" in the title. Oh, it was made 3 years before Candy Crush Saga? Too bad! You can read lots more about this much more eloquently than I could ever say right here on Rock Paper Shotgun. Oh, and you can also play the very first game I ever finished - Candy Catastrophe - here as well. It's not a match-3, but it IS close! Good thing it wasn't a mobile app...

Despite being developed nearly five years before Candy Crush Saga, it's quite obvious that I ripped it off on purpose to try to make lots of extra money.

Anyway, on the up side, there's a game jam that's taking a subtle little stab at this horrible turn of events... The Candy Jam! The goal? Make a game and submit it before the 3rd of February, use "Candy" in the title, cleverly steal millions of dollars from King.com since no one could possibly associate "candy" with anything but "Candy Crush Saga", so they'd immediately get excited and be unable to resist buying it... Okay, maybe not the last part, but you can (hopefully) expect a lot of games with the word "Candy" in their title soon!

Oh, and one more thing... I think I'll be making a game myself! Candy Catastrophe 2: The Saga of the Witch's Bubble that Stole Pear's Papa and His Loop De Hoop! I'll be patenting "The", "Of", "Bubble", "His", "Loop", "Hoop" and "2" myself once it's done.

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