Friday, January 10, 2014

Avadon 2: The Corruption Review AND GIVEAWAY

Avadon 2 reminds me of a solid D&D adventure in a tactical RPG. You have lots of bonus missions to do, several different characters to choose from for each adventure, a good story with lots of choices and you'll die A LOT! I'm far from the best at tactical RPGs, but I had to ramp the difficulty down from normal to easy to casual so that I could get past different parts of the game.

I'm writing this review 24.5 hours into it and I'm only about 30% through the game! $9.99 (or less if it goes on sale) is an absolutely worthy value for the time you'll get and the quality of game play you'll get out of it! Of course, as I haven't fully completed it, I don't have insights into the entire game, but I did get to play a very wide variety of adventures and story.

Avadon 2: The Corruption puts you in the shoes of a scout who is quickly made a Hand of Avadon - basically someone who goes out and acts for Avadon. You can dive into the story as much as you'd like through speaking with lots of people and reading the books you find all around the world, or you can skip it, but there aren't unskippable cutscenes or anything that yank you out of the game itself. The joining of Avadon and having both you and your character learn about how things work, expressing your opinions on Avadon and its power and making different decisions about how to handle all sorts of different things really allow you to put your own personality into the game in a way that many games try to fake their way through. I'll admit that there were times I felt a bit like a tool making the safer choices at times because even I was scared of what Avadon would do to me, and it's just a game!

As for the game play, it all goes about the same - you get a mission and walk around one of the game's countless maps exploring until you get close enough to enemies. Once you do, everything becomes turn-based. Each character gets a certain number of action points which can be spent moving, using items, attacking and/or using special abilities. The different classes really do vary, too - my main character is a Tinkermage who specializes in picking locks and creating self-sufficient, weaponized projectile flingers. He's also pretty sweet with a bolt flinger! There's of course the warrior class that's powerful up close, one that calls different pets to fight with them and two others. Each time you go on a new mission, you can choose which two people to take with you; I'm sure that the smarter players will try to predict who would be most handy and use them, but I just took my favorites each time (aside from the special missions that require you to take one specific person and only one wild card). Like I said, I didn't reach the end of the game, but the game promises multiple endings, and I ended up having to play most of my play through on casual mode (easier than easy!), so I'm sure that if I were playing on a harder difficulty I'd get months of game play out of it - I've already played for over 3 weeks to get the 25-ish hours in.

EXPLORATION! Always one of my favorite parts of an RPG, and Avadon 2 does it VERY well!

Out of all of this text, I do have one small complaint about the game - when you go back to Avadon between missions, it's always a good idea to buy new, more powerful equipment of course. However, unless there's a way I couldn't figure out, it's just about impossible to remember what each character had and compare it to what's available in the shop without just writing down everything they already have. Sure, I've done that dozens of times when I was younger and playing games on Nintendo, but it's not something I expected to do any more. Do NOT let that detract you from buying it, though, as the game is really awesome!

The Giveaway

Spiderweb Software, the developer of Avadon 2 The Corruption, was kind enough to give me a copy of the game to give away through Steam! This download will work for Windows or Mac. Winner will be notified via email with the email they use with the Rafflecopter and have one week to respond before a new winner is chosen. ALL of the entries are optional in this giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Available For: Win/Mac ($9.99 on Steam or $39.99 on Steam with 11 other Spiderweb Software games!)
Developed By: Spiderweb Software

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