Friday, January 3, 2014

A Pantless Man with a Clueless Plan - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

My third Ludum Dare 28 game review is, in a way, very similar to One Way Out (if you get why, that's awesome, way to go!). A Pantless Man with a Clueless Plan by @Detocroix is a very silly, short little game where you lose no matter what you do (unless you simply refuse to do anything, and if you really want to play that way then you've lost anyway...).

Go ahead, find something and hit the enter key, I dare you!

The game can be completely played in less time than it will take you to read this post, but I really felt compelled to write about it anyway. The game has only eight possible outcomes (seven things to interact with and "don't ever interact with anything, despite the fact that nothing ever happens"), and you only use up to six keys (up, down, left, right, escape and return), but the game is hilarious and has some really fantastic art for being made in 2 days by 1 person! Heck, the dude even recorded the sounds himself by tapping his fingers on a desk and using an ocarina.

The only ending where you, the pantless man, don't die yourself!

You can play the web version for free right here or download it for Win/Mac/Linux from here (you can also rate it if you took part in Ludum Dare 28!) Which ending was your favorite, and did you find all seven?

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