Sunday, December 22, 2013

Treasurebear: Humor, Exploration, Platforming, Treasure and Food!

Treasurebear combines two incredibly awesome things: good platforming action and LOTS of treasure! The game focuses on a duo of unlikely "heroes" - [From the Kickstarter page] "The greedy and unpredictable Chester, a charismatic treasure chest forever condemned by the treasure hunter's guild, and his sleepy sidekick Barry, a hungry bear who prefers sauce battles over boss battles." The story is driven as such: "Barry teams up with Chester following the promise of visiting foreign lands in order to locate and sample exquisite and tasty foods. Determined to locate his blackmailer and exonerate himself, Chester utilizes his uncanny talents for finding shiny and potentially valuable items while upholding his promise to Barry."

While the story is humorous and intriguing, it's the gameplay concepts that really sold me on the game. See, because of the way the two team up, you're able to do some really awesome things together! As you can see from the image below, Bear & Boar (the developers) have had no shortage of creative ideas! And this goes far beyond abilities, the depths of the story, crazy levels and treasure hunting all appear to go just as deep.

Concepts for upgrades. Why hasn't anyone come up with the gold coin machine gun before?

I originally found out about Treasurebear a few weeks ago, and when I came back to write about it now I honestly figured it would have been more than successful. Heck, I figured it would have hit any and every stretch goal it could think of (currently $300,000 with a $320,000 "??? !" level as well)... How in the world is this only 15% funded?! It might just be me, but Treasurebear appears to fit every single game craving I ever have all at once. Now if only they'd get Jack Black to do the voice of the bear...

Available for: Win/Mac/Linux (Dec 2014-ish)
Lowest pledge to receive the game: $15

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