Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ti Cubes - Cool or Heat Awesomely!

There have been a lot of cool ways to cool things or make ice in the past, but Ti Cubes definitely have to be toward the top of the list. These are actual cubes of 100% pure, aircraft grade titanium that's food safe and hypo-allergenic. Plus, since they're titanium, they can not only make your drinks stay cold, they can keep your drinks hot too, all without adding any off flavor or melting!

Seriously, look how cool those are! Who wouldn't want to show these off in a drink?

Lowest Price to Get Em: $35 CAD ($33.19 USD) for a pair of silver, $38 CAD ($36.03 USD) for a pair of anodized blue, gold or bronze. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING INCLUDED!
Estimated Shipping Date: March 2014

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