Friday, December 20, 2013

Party of One - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

My second Ludum Dare 28 game review is of Party of One, a fun twist on puzzle warfare by Jan Marcano/@AldianSolkai. The premise is simple: your party of heroes has to protect the town from invading monsters! The twist? The evil wizard behind the invasion has cursed your party and turned you all into one person, so now it's just "one" of you against all of them! Good luck!

Definitely fitting of the "easy to learn, difficult to master" phrase.

Each turn, any living monsters move one column to the left, monsters appear in the right column and you get to choose which form of attack to use. This is where the crazy strategy comes in:

  • One hero hits the first two squares in any row.
  • One hero hits both the top and bottom squares of any column.
  • One hero hits the top two squares of any column.
If any monsters were in the left-most column, they hit you and you lose HP (which doesn't ever come back, by the way), so your goal is to destroy them all before they can hurt you. And that's not even all!
  • Starfish have only 1 HP and only do 1 damage.
  • Shellmen have 2 HP and do 3 damage!
So you have to balance different forms of attack, hordes of attackers and just which damage you should and shouldn't take since it's absolutely inevitable that you'll get hit from time to time. 

Good shot! Get that shellman and set yourself up for another good round after!
After just a little bit, things really start to get hectic, so it's good that you can think for as long as you want! Once you've played it, let me know in the comments how well you did! My record is 26 rounds thus far, and as I write this, it looks like someone had gotten 44 from the Ludum Dare page!

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