Wednesday, December 18, 2013

No Way Out - Ludum Dare 28 Game Review

I'm kicking off my Ludum Dare 28 game reviews with No Way Out, a really awesome, amazingly atmospheric little adventure by Emma ("Eniko"/@Enichan) of the one-woman game studio Kitsune Games. Before I even dig in, let me just sum up with this: it's a short little adventure that can be beaten in under a minute if you know what you're doing, and it's an experience that every game player should have. Plus, it's free to play and requires no download since it's a web game!

It already has you intrigued, doesn't it?

No Way Out puts you in the shoes of some unknown person trying to survive the zombie apocalypse who is hiding out in someone's home. You have 3 minutes to figure out how to escape before they bust down the door and attack by moving around the single room and interacting with different things. What makes this game an absolute necessity to experience is the feeling you get from it. Typically a point-and-click adventure game like this gives you all the time in the world, but that ticking timer makes you feel nervous from the first second, just like the character does.

The game also manages to pull off some great humor with nearly everything you interact with!

In addition to the timer, the audio is genius. When I make a game for Ludum Dare, I never get to fit any sort of audio in at all, but No Way Out's audio is a major layer to the game. At first it's hard to hear anything, but as the timer drops, your heartbeat will get louder and quicker while the sound of the zombie horde grows louder as well. Your thoughts even pop up on the screen, which really makes things hectic and crazy too. I'd read a few comments on the game's Ludum Dare page where people didn't like that, but I thought it was a great touch that doesn't get in the way at all - it's always quite clear what's from your interactions and what's from crazed, desperate thoughts.

This leads to ending #1, although you'll probably figure that one out yourself.

The game has two different endings - one good and one bad. I won't spoil the good ending for you, but you'll almost definitely find the ending that the image above leads you to. If you have major issues figuring it out, email me at, but PLEASE don't comment on the good ending!

Also, if you made a game for Ludum Dare 28, you can vote on the game here!

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