Friday, December 20, 2013

IndieGameStand's 12 Days of Christmas for Charity!

IndieGameStand has set up a genius - and awesome! - collection of free games that are being sold 100% for charity. Each day from December 18th to the 29th, two new games are revealed for "sale" for you to name your own price on (minimum 25 cents). Just like any of their other game sales, whoever contributes the most on a particular game will get a free t-shirt, and they don't even take the t-shirt price out of the donations - they pay for those out of their own pockets!

All of the money contributed - $1,555.38 as of today, December 20th at 11:45am - goes to Child's Play, one of my favorite charities, which makes it even  more awesome! IndieGameStand has put a good amount of work into this one, and it really is for an awesome cause, so check it out! Worst case, you'll find out about a whole bunch of games that you can get for as little as 25 cents each (or probably Google to find for free, but hey, it's charity!).

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