Thursday, December 5, 2013

Indie Game: The Movie Sale

For those not familiar, Indie Game: The Movie is a really awesome movie about several indie game developers and some incredible moments along the way through the creation of their games. I haven't seen the movie since my birthday last year - it released June 12th, 2012 and my birthday is the 15th... I'd been psyched for it for months and it was the only thing I really wanted as a gift. I really need to watch it again and give it a proper review... But anyway, the movie is REALLY good and it's absolutely excellent for indie game developers, game players and makes a great way to introduce people who dislike games to the world of gaming. If you really want more info before you dive in, go check out the Wikipedia page.

FIVE hours of indie game developer awesomeness, plus lots of extra goodies? YES PLEASE!
Somehow, despite being a birthday gift a year and a half ago, I'm asking for it now again for Christmas. The original purchase was a download, and now it's moved on to DVD, Blu-Ray and even a special edition with OVER FIVE HOURS of footage! I'd absolutely love to see more about the developers and their stories!

The sale is "for a limited time"; I couldn't find a set end date, but it's called the "Holiday Sale" so I'd hope it runs at least through Christmas. Here are my favs from the sale, although there are a lot more things too!

Note: all prices are in CAD, not my standard USD.

  • The movie, on either DVD or Blu-Ray, is currently $15.
  • The special, limited (3,000 only!) edition, signed and numbered with two posters, a notebook and a laptop sticker is $35 on DVD and $55 on Blu-Ray.
  • The gift copy packs are perfect for giving to friends and family and are only $15 for a 3-pack! In fact, if you've never seen it, you can get the pack, keep one and give away two!
Give a copy to EVERYONE you know, without illegally copying it and still supporting the film makers!

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