Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gamestop's Playday at Gamestop

Yes, I realize that taking your kids anywhere this close to Christmas where there are toys and video games makes your money disappear faster than setting it on fire, but I just had to write about this because it's so unique and fun, so bear with me! :D

On December 7th, Gamestop is running a big sale/special day that they're calling Playday at Gamestop. The first 50 customers (it doesn't say "visitors" so it's probably the first 50 people who buy something, but it doesn't specify in the email) get a free Super Mario 3D World sticker sheet, and they'll be demoing fun kids games as well. There are also sales on several games, such as the Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge Starter Pack ($59.99 instead of $74.99) and the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack ($49.99 instead of $74.99). There's also the all-new Skylanders Swap Force Jolly Bumble Blast character for $9.99 and other games as well.

You can check the webpage for more details and to verify that your location is doing it, but the email makes it sound like all of them will be. If you've got young gamers (or just want Disney Infinity or Skylanders yourself), go check it out!

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