Monday, December 2, 2013

Elliot Quest - Kid Icarus Meets Platformer Action RPG

When I first saw Elliot's Quest I was a bit worried by how the developer mentioned a few times that it was inspired by Zelda II. I always thought there were a few cool parts to the game, but I really didn't like it - it was too difficult and I just never really got into it. The completionist side of me wanted to level everything up, and the way the battles happened, it would take foreeeeeever to do it! There was something about Elliot's Quest, though, that I was really interested in, and I'm really glad I gave the demo a try. Note: it's a web demo so there's no install or download, although I did have to refresh the page a couple times to get it running properly.

The game has a lot going on - leveling up stats, shooting enemies with your bow, exploring areas for hidden coins, shops, heart containers and items, fighting bosses and finding out just what's going on with Elliot. The demo hints at some things: from what I gathered, Elliot had done something bad but justifiable in the past, and he's now racing against time to fix it. According to the website, Elliot is immortal but suffering from a curse that will turn him into a demon. His quest is to find a cure for this curse. In doing so you'll explore 8 dungeons, take on 16 bosses and travel a vast overworld.

There's a lot going on here, and it doesn't even show any of the inventory!
The screenshot here demonstrates part of what I'm really excited for in the game - it took over half of the demo for me to level up once and there are 25 total points to assign! The developer also stated that there are three different endings to the game - I'm guessing they have something to do with the "Status" bar across the top that shows Elliot as neutral. The inventory screen has lots of spots for items to equip and use, crystals and keys to collect, money and more. Plus, the Kickstarter video showed off quite a few scenes that were very reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2, really showing off the love of the classics the developer has.

Oh, and you can pledge as low as $5 CAD ($4.74 USD) to get the game, plus alpha access and the soundtrack! For such a big game, that's pretty awesome!

Available For: PC/Mac/Linux, OUYA (Feb 2014)
Lowest Pledge to Get the Game: $5 CAD ($4.74 USD), also includes OST and alpha access!

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