Monday, November 25, 2013

WackoBirds - An Action/Arcade Title by a Painter!

Don't let the name trick you - there are plenty of games with the word "Birds" in it that are clones of Angry Birds (not that all of them are bad, per se) - WackoBirds is an entirely different game! Yes, the protagonist is a bird, and yes you're fighting back against tyrannical foes trying to reclaim your lands, but you'll be doing so by creating barriers for your WackoBird to bounce off of on the fly instead of simply aiming and hoping for the best.

Draw lines with your fingers to direct your WackoBird!

Each level begins with your WackoBird moving a bit. You start it moving the right direction by drawing your first line, making it bounce off. The rest of the level involves lots more bouncing, guiding, dodging and aiming toward your goal. There are spiked totems, buzzards and more to dodge, and as you go through the 90 levels of the game it'll just get more and more crazy! I don't have an iDevice, so I haven't been able to play the game, but it looks like there are golden eggs to gain, time limits to beat and, of course, the beautiful backgrounds sure don't hurt!

Plus, the developer says that if the game does well enough, he'll look into making the game for Android as well!

As I don't own a device that this game is available for, I didn't get to play it. My review is based off of videos, photos and text.

Available for: iTunes - iPhone/iPad (FREE!)
Developed by: Steve Snyder Art

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