Friday, November 22, 2013

Vexation Vacation Review AND GIVEAWAY - Bad Vacation, Good Adventure Game!

Yep, that's definitely one of the first signs of a horrible vacation - when your eyes need to be bleached.
I'm one of the fortunate few who has been on vacations but never had a truly bad one like they show in movies or on TV. I have no doubt that we asked "are we there yet?" a few dozen times in our lengthy car rides, but that was about the extent of the badness...

That is, of course, until Vexation Vacation. The game has everything going on that will remind you of any horrid vacations you may have had as a child: the long car ride where your primary entertainment is asking if you're there yet, people who REALLY shouldn't be in skimpy beach clothes and birds that love to poop all over you from high above. Oh, and a younger sibling who energetically follows you, babbles on and takes your things from time to time.

Puzzles galore!
The concept is something we can all relate to - Make yourself a nice spot to relax on the beach and get a book to read while you do it. Just like a bad vacation, that's enough to make a game out of! Even then, when you've earned your relaxation, people just have to go and ruin it.

The game isn't terribly long - about an hour or so, give or take - but it's very enjoyable and fitting: all of the puzzles are in the same little area and only being able to carry one item at a time makes it more realistic and challenging at the same time. Plus, once the game is over, you can always go back to the arcade and play some games!

The Frogger and Space Invader clones are quite fun! I never got the hang of the other one, though...

The Giveaway

This is my very first giveaway of an XBLIG code! The game is only available on Playstation Mobile and Xbox Live Indie Games, so I was lucky enough to be granted a second XBLIG code to be given away to one lucky person!

I was given a copy of this game for review.

Developed By: Nostatic Software


  1. This looks Great. I love games that are hilarious and have that old school look. I'd love to win it!

    1. I'm glad to hear it! Yeah, I was taken by surprise on this one. It looked pretty good originally, but it was cuter and more fun than I'd expected!