Thursday, November 14, 2013

Retroworld on Kickstarter - An Awesome Childhood Relived!

Retroworld has one heck of a concept going for it - you're a game-lovin' kid who goes through four different generations of games, collecting, selling and trading them while solving their mysteries, maintaining high scores, chatting with NPCs and all kinds of other things! The in-game games really appear to reflect their age's style and game play, and the developer promises dozens of them when it's all completed!

I'll be honest, I couldn't pass up the game as soon as I saw "With a style heavily inspired by the quirkiness of the Earthbound/Mother series." Earthbound is one of my favorite games of all time (or, very possibly, absolutely my favorite), although it's a bit unknown thanks to the other fantastic RPGs on the SNES... So for someone to not only know the game but even be inspired by it for their project makes me both leery and excited. After a good amount of research and reading, I can say that it's very fitting!

The concept of playing lots of games within a single game is great, sure, but it's the rest that seems especially awesome. I love the idea of really being able to relive that era, especially with the mystery of people getting sucked in and out of games and the story that goes with it. Plus, the humor and style really do seem rather Earthboundian, and that alone is worth the $15 pledge!

If you can't back the game for whatever reason, it's on Steam Greenlight, and I'm sure they'd be extremely grateful even if you just vote for it there. I really do hope you back it, though, as it looks amazing and absolutely needs to be made!

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Lowest Pledge for Game: $15 CAD (roughly $14.33 USD)

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