Sunday, November 3, 2013

Race the Sun Review AND GIVEAWAY - An Infinite Speed Experience

Race the Sun is the absolutely perfect title for this game for two reasons - the incredible sense of speed the game gives you as you fly between obstacles and the sun that brilliantly not only powers your ship but also casts growing shadows as the sun sets lower and lower. If you stay in darkness too long, whether it's from a tunnel, the long shadows or once the sun sets, you'll run out of power. The sun is literally one of your greatest foes in this game, and if you want to succeed, you need to do everything you can to race against it!

Movement is only right and left, but you can JUMP at Level 4.

When I heard Race the Sun called an infinite runner style game, I was a little leery... I'm not really a fan of games where you simply play the same area over and over, relying on memorizing when to click the jump button. Luckily, that isn't really Race the Sun. Race the Sun gives you three challenges to complete at a time; things like "score 15,000 points" or "Collect 20 Tris" (Tris are blue pyramid score pickups that you have to snag while dodging objects). More difficult challenges are worth more than one point, and each level has a set number of points to acquire before leveling up, making it easier (and possible) to make it further into the game. Once you hit Level 4, for example, you gain the ability to jump after grabbing the proper pickup, which really adds another awesome dimension into the game. These are what keep you coming back - some of these challenges take one or two tries, others are easily ten or more! Some challenges even make you play the game differently, like challenges that have you travel a certain distance in the air or hit a bunch of boosts in a single region (which means being a dangerous speed demon!).

You'll see this screen a lot, but that's okay! You'll need a break from the adrenaline, trust me!
Whether playing offline or online you'll be doing basically the same thing - racing through crazy obstacles, picking up boosts and Tris to get more points and up your multiplier, literally racing the sun and crashing into something, exploding spectacularly. Online, however, is what really makes the game replayable. Every day, the world is reset, making the game pretty spectacularly different each day that you play it. My preferred method of play after a few days of trying the game out is to play for about 30-60 minutes, playing the new world, leveling up a bit and trying out the new tricks I've picked up. Playing online also has player-created worlds (I tried a few and they were REALLY fun, but didn't help with leveling up) and relay races! Relay races let another player continue where you crashed, and Flippfly makes it really easy for you to invite people on Facebook, Twitter or even just a link to your relay race's page.

Probably the most amazing part of the game is that no matter how many times you play it, the rush of racing toward the horizon, sliding between obstacles, feeling everything shake as some move around or collapse, leaping over trees and hitting ramps to collect Tris on an upper level is always amazing. I've spent much more than $10 to get the rush of getting further than I've ever been, dodging like a maniac, heart pumping as I try to keep going before ultimately smashing into some crazy new thing I'd never seen before. Even better, though, is that with Race the Sun you get a new world every day online, so you'll get that rush several times every day!

All in all, even if you just play the game for half an hour each day for a month, it ends up less than 35 cents a day which is definitely worth it! 

The Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was granted a copy of the game for review.

Available for: PC, Mac, Linux
Price (at time of writing): $10
Developed by: Flippfly


  1. Like your efforts to gain others.

  2. i joined. i'm from the Philippines. is the promo available worldwide?

    1. Yep, it sure is! It's a download of the game, so there's no shipping or anything involved that would narrow down who can enter and win :)