Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kickstarter Retrospective - How Are They Doing Now?

It's been a lazy Sunday filled with movies, Once Upon a Time and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, so I figured it'd be a perfect day to recap how all of the Kickstarter projects I've mentioned are going now (or, if they've finished, how they did!). Two failed (DOH!), six succeeded (WOOHOO!) and four are still funding.

Still Funding

Ever, Jane, the MMO in Jane Austen's world, is currently 50.5% funded with 14 days to go. I'm really hoping this one does incredibly well; it's a really unique idea and the constant work on it is showing, even during the campaign!

Fright Fight, a brawler with horror characters that utilizes a unique gesture fighting system, is 14% funded, 13 days to go.

Ink Whiskey' NES-Styled Flasks, some really unique, awesome flasks for drinking anything are 95.6% funded with 6 days to go. Just over $500 to go!

Retroworld, where you get to play as a kid similar to myself when I was younger, adventuring through arcades and the town, playing dozens of different games, is 1.2% funded with 23 days to go.

The Successes

SCALE, where everything can be resized and manipulated, raised just over $108k, hitting its Oculus Rift support stretch goal. With any luck, the game will be completed December 2014.

Magicite, a multiplayer RPG roguelike-ish platformer, raised just shy of $14k, reaching four stretch goals along the way. The developer is aiming for a January 2014 release!

The 8-Bit Inspired Lasercut Notebooks hit just over $1,000, reaching it's first stretch goal to add additional color choices, and anyone who backed should receive them in December!

SNES Album: Boss Battles for the Soul succeeded as well, reaching $2,400, adding several songs to the album (at least 10 total!). I'm incredibly psyched for some new music to listen to by the end of 2014!

The Pad of Hexagonal Content and Breaking Bad Parody Tees also succeeded, and backers can expect their goodies by the end of the month!

The Didn't-Make-Its

Astro Golf unfortunately didn't make it, which really stinks because Pegi seems cool and the game looked really fun. I reached out (as I was writing this... At 9pm on a Sunday) to see what might be next for the game, and I'll see about writing a post once I hear back!

The Quill Pen/Letter Opener hit just over $20k CAD, which was about 55% of the funding goal... On the bright side, Stopher is still updating on the Kickstarter page, and it looks like there will be a redo soon!

Which of these projects are your favorites? Did you back any of these projects yourself?

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