Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hex Paper Pads, Quill Pen Letter Openers and Breaking Bad Tees! Kickstarter Roundup!

Today's Kickstarter roundup is going to focus on three of my favorite things - paper, pens and Breaking Bad!

First up are these awesome Hex Pad pads, perfect for making maps for your pen and paper RPG games (or designing video games that use hex!)! You can grab two pads of 50 for only 2 GBP (which comes to roughly $3.18 USD) and includes shipping in the UK ($4.78 USD for a total of $7.96). If you want to be more cost-effective you can pick up more (8 pads for $11.14 + shipping = $14.32), and there's even a special pack for pen and paper RPG lovers that includes 8 pads, a lined pad, a fabric case, 6 fineliner pens, a folding ruler, 2 pencils, a d6 sharpener and 3d6 erasers for 11 GBP ($17.51 USD + $15.92 USD for shipping outside the UK = $33.43). The other really awesome thing is that estimated delivery on all the reward tiers is this month!

Next, writing with style! As Stopher puts it, these pens truly live up to "the pen is mightier than the sword". The quill is made of Aluminum Alloy 383 and, best of all, can use numerous types of replaceable ink cartridges (including my favorite ultra-fine tips!). AND, as if that wasn't enough, the top can be used as a letter opener! The only downside is the price - they're $57 CAD for early birds or $65 standard, plus $8 CAD outside of Canada, which comes to $62.36/$70.05 USD. Fancy pens do run a pretty penny usually though...

Finally, you'll need something to wear while gaming and writing and being awesome; what better than the awesomest Breaking Bad shirt I've ever seen? The blue crystal "rubber duckie" is awesome, yes, but the Borg "say our name" is awesome beyond words! You can get either for $25 ($28 for XXL or XXXL) or both for $40 ($45 for XXL or XXXL). According to the campaign, these will both also be sent out this month for backers.

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