Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dyscourse - An Island Survival Game Where Choices MATTER!

Dyscourse looks to be an awesome combination of survival, adventure, humor, action and story. You're Rita, one of numerous survivors of a plane crash who suddenly ends up having to make lots of tough decisions and survive with the jerks who were kicking your seat and squishing you in the plane. As the developer states, it's up to you whether you want to work with the other survivors to try to make it together or leave them to their own devices and try to make it on your own. Unlike other games, however, this isn't an either/or choice where you'll basically only play one of two different games either with or without computer AI.

Dyscourse aims to succeed where many others have failed by making a game where choices actually matter and lead to more than just different dialogues or a random quest here or there. As the developer states - you are Rita and she is you. You'll not only be making easy choices like whether you should hunt for food or not, you'll have to decide whether or not to keep other survivors around and the narrative will keep up with you and your choices.
Yep, that's about right!
Dyscourse was one of the Kickstarter games I was the most excited to see completed as soon as I found out about it, but when I went back to write this I saw the most awesome thing ever: there's an extra bonus story for the game titled Indie Plane Crash. In this one, "a group of indie game developers [crash land] on their way to a conference. This group of amazingly talented creatives realizes that while technically talented, they’re utterly useless in survival situations." Already confirmed indies include Tim Schafer (Psychonauts/Brutal Legend/The Cave), Edmund Mcmullen (Super Meat Boy), Robin Hunicke (Journey) and Ron Carmel (World of Goo). This bonus story isn't a stretch goal, for backers only or some extra, paid DLC - it's a free bonus that comes with the game!

Some of the major indie all-stars that'll be in the game!
Available For: PC/Mac/Linux September 2014
Lowest Price Point for Game: $15 (includes name in credits!)

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