Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diggy on Kongregate Review - There's Treasure in That Thar Ground!

Diggy was recently featured in an email from Kongregate, and as a fan of digging, upgrading and treasure I couldn't resist giving it a shot. All in all, the game is definitely fun, and satisfies my digging cravings rather well. The story follows Diggy who has decided to dig down to the center of the earth for some crazy reason, and each day he goes out digging up treasure, unearthing goodies and earning money to upgrade his drill, radar and energy pack so he can do even better the next day.

There are numerous special finds beneath the earth to collect and check off in your Hall of Fame!
As with any upgrading game, the challenge lies in completing the game in as few days as possible. Unlike many upgrading games, however, as you upgrade your three items things drastically change. For example, the radar becomes much better and even marks the prices of items, the drill becomes able to drill through even the harder dirt that takes more energy like it's butter by the end, and the battery gets solar power that requires a trip back to the top to recharge once per day.

Every upgrade has five upgrades to it. After that, you'll get a new, better version of the driller, battery or radar to upgrade.
What's more, even the minerals and goodies that you find can be upgraded! I've never seen an upgrade game where you're able to do so much with the things you find as well - aside from the dynamite (which only becomes more frequent as it's upgraded), everything else becomes more valuable and more frequent as you upgrade it! Balancing upgrading your equipment with upgrading your minerals is a big part of the challenge, and on a second play through I'd definitely upgrade them sooner (I'd just assumed the tab listed what I'd found at first).

See, Marie, they're not rocks, they're MINERALS!!! (If you get that reference, you're awesome in my book)
The one complaint about the game is the solar ability of the battery. As you dig you'll be using your radar a lot, and often you'll find that there are goodies directly below you. If you want any shot of getting back to the surface though, don't do it! Diggy isn't great at jumping, and the controls aren't perfect.... Which is perfectly fine for any other part of the game, as you'll typically just be walking a bit, picking a direction and drilling, then walking and grabbing your goodies. Trying to reach the surface through all of your twisty-turny tunnels, however, is definitely not easy.

Like I said before, the game is definitely worth a shot, especially since it's free!

Developer: Vogd

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