Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Budget $ This - A Board Game to Teach Budgeting!

These days, far too many people's knowledge of a budget is simply knowing how much money is left until they max out their credit card(s). Heck, there's even a version of Monopoly that uses a card for "electronic banking"! Sure, it could be similar to a debit card, and debit cards are far from evil, but the point is that even board games are moving further and further away from secretly teaching while having fun. Budget $ This looks to fix that!

While there isn't much in the way of specifics on the rules, I have faith in this campaign. For one, her kids actually play it! As a fellow game maker, making a game and making a game kids are willing to play, let alone enjoy, are two very different things. In the video she shared in one of her updates, those kids seem genuinely happy! A fun game is a fun game, regardless of if it has shiny art by highly paid/skilled artists or fancy packaging. Heck, I created a card game myself and have yet to try to kickstart it because there are so many cards it'd cost a minimum of almost $30 to professionally produce them, let alone having good art made or shipping it!

Rant aside, this game aims to do what games did when I was growing up - teach children important skills without seeming like homework. And heck, the game is only $15 shipped, which is less than a lot of board games in the store.

Lowest Price Point for Game: $15 (includes a hand-written thank you note and a hug or high five if you ever meet the creator!)


  1. Charlie, thank you so much for the wonderful blog. The children have been watching kickstarter to see if it will make it and with only 7 days left they have resigned to the reality that it won't. But they aren't disheartened, they still love the game and will continue to play. The school has their copy and all the kids that have played talk about it for days. I'm afraid that todays children are all about electronics and not very many of them have played board is too easy, as a parent, to let the electronic games 'babysit', and this is all very sad.
    This will help pump the kids up, I can't wait to show them your blog! Thank you again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. I'm so glad that, at the very least, I can help make the kids happier and give em a bit more confidence about it. I can absolutely tell you that just because other people don't realize how great something is, it doesn't mean it isn't great :)

      Have yourself a super awesome Thanksgiving as well!