Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apexicon - Scrabble-meets-RPG!

The best way to describe Apexicon is a clash between Scrabble and RPG, or for gamers who are familiar with the titles, Bookworm Adventures meets Puzzle Quest. The concept is simple: you're given letter tiles, and the bigger the word you can spell with them the more damage you'll do to your enemy. Spelling words beginning with a green tile will end up healing you instead of hurting your enemy, and other skills can change tiles to where they do more damage or (theoretically) all kinds of things!

There are two things I should admit about games like Apexicon - I LOVE them and I'm AWFUL at them. I don't know what it is... Bookworm Adventures, Scrabble, Boggle - I have a pretty decent vocabulary (even if every other word out of my mouth or fingers is "awesome") but my brain simply freezes up when I see specific letters to try to make words from. I still really like them because I love a unique twist on puzzle games and especially on RPGs, even though I died four times on the first battle of the demo the game has available.

The game also promises numerous classes, each with different abilities and even stories (which cross and mix together throughout the game), a town that you can manage and fix up, multiple endings and all kinds of secrets! I am both very excited about the full version of this game and very disappointed that more people haven't funded this game... How it's only 20% funded with 5 days to go hurts my soul!

And hey, if nothing else, give the game a vote on Steam!

Available for: PC, Mac, Linux, Mobile, Wii U ($20,000 stretch goal) May 2014
Lowest Pledge for Game: $10 (also includes free poster and name in credits)

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