Tuesday, October 29, 2013

McFarlane Toys Assassin's Creed Action Figures

We were in the local Walgreens the other day getting a few things and happened across these awesome action figures! It was the first day that I started this blog so I didn't really consider getting pictures of them until we were out of the store, so we figured we'd check in Walmart and K-Mart while we were there... Somehow neither of them had em! How in the world does Walgreens get these awesome figures before K-Mart and Walmart?!

Normally I'm pretty meh about action figures, even really cool ones, but this is ASSASSIN'S CREED!! Seriously, look at it! RIGHT NEXT TO THE GUM!!! Anyway, they really do look awesome, and to make things even better they each come with a special unlockable for Assassin's Creed IV.

The whole "physical goods awesomeness plus video game DLC" got me thinking... How awesome would it be if more video games did this? Sell me a hidden blade replica and give me a special weapon in AC IV! Sell me a Bioshock Infinite Sky Hook and give me a new area I can reach with it as DLC! Sell me a replica Gravity Gun and let me download Half-Life 2 DLC of some sort!

[Note: I've had trouble finding them much of anywhere online but Amazon carries at least most of em! Just use this search!]

In the comments (below the rest of the photos), let me know what kind of goodies you'd be willing to buy if it came with some DLC for a game.

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