Monday, October 21, 2013

Magicite - A Multiplayer RPG (Roguelike) Platformer on Kickstarter

Note: Although the game is on Kickstarter, it's just shy of the 400% mark as I write this! Since the Kickstarter was officially successful, you can get the perk goodness through Paypal as well.

Magicite (raise your hand if you've heard that term before!) is a Multiplayer RPG Platformer, and you'd may as well through Roguelike in there as well. The concept sounds rather simple - you create a character, fight baddies through procedurally generated instances and if you survive, you can move on to a randomized town to do all the awesome stuff that RPG towns are famous for before doing it all over again. Oh yeah, and you can put your hand back down now... Sorry, I forgot about that.

The twist? Permadeath! That's right, once you die you have to start aaaaaaaall over again. According to the developer, you'll be alive somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Party time, excellent! *Awesome air guitar*
Originally I was really concerned by the idea of an online multiplayer game aiming for only $1,000, but Sean Young has made numerous games and apps in the past. Pixel Kingdom, a free game on Kongregate, successfully Kickstarted as well after raising $5,799! The game was a blast to play, feeling like a simplified, RPG version of Plants Vs. Zombies. Make sure you try it out when you have some free time, I have no doubt you'll get hooked!

Available for: PC, Mac and Linux, (potentially also WII U, 3DS and PS4)
Kickstarter Web Page:
Estimated Release Date: January 2014
Lowest Pledge Point for Game (at time of writing): $10
Developed by: SmashGames

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