Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fright Fight on Kickstarter - Frightening Characters + Super Smash Bros + RPG!

Happy Halloween! Today feels like a perfect day to point out Fright Fight for OUYA, iOS and Android. Oh, and there are 31 days left, which is 13 backwards! MWAHAHA! Seriously though, Fright Fight looks intriguing for its increasingly-awesome animations, online multiplayer and intriguing controls: on iOS and Android, everything is handled via gesture system, not simple buttons!

Confession - I've only played one Super Smash Bros game, and I really wasn't a fan. The game felt more random and wild than strategic. The fact that I was playing with random bots probably didn't help, especially after watching videos of people playing the game on the hardest difficulty and winning without touching a single button.

Fright Fight, on the other hand, I'm intrigued by despite my distaste for SSB. The idea of playing a fighting game with gestures sounds wonderful, even if it has the spooky possibility of not working the way it should. In a chaotic mess, a little bit of "oops, I didn't mean to do that" doesn't mean the end of the world anyway.

The other reason I'm psyched is because of the RPG elements! I love being able to further customize characters and strategies no matter what the genre, but being able to do so in a multiplayer brawler sounds like a blast.

The rewards and tiers are genius as well - $4 gets your name howled at the moon, there are special character skins that can only be earned through pledging and anyone who uses the term Triskaidekaphobia in their reward tiers is purely awesome.

Available for: OUYA, iOS, Android
Lowest Pledge for the Game: FREE for iOS/Android, $13 for Ouya.

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