Sunday, October 20, 2013

SCALE - A Unique Puzzle Game on Kickstarter!

EVERY treasure chest should be this huge!

What does that image look like to you? That's right, boys and girls, it's a super huge treasure chest, and it's only one of many awesome concepts in SCALE!

Steve Swink and CubeHeart, described by Steve himself as "a Voltron-like flesh monstrosity of game development talent", have begun a Kickstarter campaign for a truly interesting PC game named SCALE. SCALE, again in Steve's own words, is "a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic." I honestly don't think I could say that any better myself, which is why they make the big bucks. For such an awesome game, a goal of $87,000 is pretty SCALEd down! [Note: Right now as I write this, it's just over 42% funded with 27 days to go!]

I'll simply place this here, direct from the Kickstarter campaign itself, as it's too funny and informative to resist:

"You play as young physics savant Penny Prince, inventor of a device which can suck the size out of one thing and shoot it into another. SCALE begins as Penny awakes in prison, convicted of 9,322,591 counts of Depraved Heart Murder for accidentally destroying the east coast. Someone has confiscated her cat. Against the express advice of the rehabilitative therapy coordinator now living inside her brain, she hastily reconstructs her device using materials from a nearby cellphone recycling bin and embarks upon escape in an attempt to regain her freedom and her cat." Go ahead and finish laughing now, don't rush it. The article will still be here when you finish.

Okay, now you're just showing off!

Shrinking things gives you "Scale Juice", and making them grow takes it away. Apparently, ANYTHING can be grown or shrunk, and sometimes it's rather surprising what happens when you do! If not for the trailer, for example, I'd never think "Oh look, it's a frog! Let's make it gigantic, hop inside its mouth and get treasure!" And this isn't done from one level to another, oh no, the game is open to explore and search for secrets.

Oh, and best of all - you can get the whole game for only a $10 pledge, which is WAAAAAY less than this "quadruple-A quality" game will cost when it releases. Don't get me wrong, there are other great pledge rewards too, but it's definitely $10 well spent! Scale down your wallet slightly to SCALE up some fantastic gameplay with an estimated delivery date of December 2014!

You can find out lots more and get in on the awesomeness on the game's Kickstarter page  You'll want to hurry though, the campaign ends November 16th, and you don't want to let Penny down!

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