Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ever, Jane Kickstarter - An MMO in Jane Austen's World!

Ever, Jane is one of those things that should pretty much be Kickstarted on concept alone, but has the experience and awesomeness behind it to really follow it up. The concept is pretty simple - play in a world based on Jane Austen's novels! You won't be killing dozens of enemies for quests (there are still quests though!), experience and epic loot, instead you'll be gossiping, inviting people to balls and playing minigames like sewing and hunting. There's also an early playable version for you to try out, and I happily did!

Ever, Jane utilizes stats like nearly any other MMO, but you'll be dealing with status, kindness, duty, happiness and reputation. These are just as important as dexterity, strength and intelligence in an RPG as they relate to how others will relate to you (Mr. Knightly, for example, won't like you if you don't have a good sense of duty), get invited to parties and so on. And it's not like you can just level up and assign points - your actions in the game will alter them.

That's me, nice but lazy!
And as for the concerns with the development of the game itself, it's helmed by Judy Tyrer, who worked at Ubisoft on the Ghost Recon series, then Sony Online Entertainment on Magic the Gathering: Tactics before joining Linden Labs as Senior Engineering Manager of the Engine Room, the team responsible for server related software and simulations for Second Life. That's a LOT of experience, and definitely resolves any concerns anyone should have for a Kickstarter campaign!

Despite never having read a Jane Austen book in my life (although I have seen a couple movies), I'm very excited about the game. It's a very fun time period and a great concept. Remember also that you can help the game succeed even if you don't have the money to back it simply by sharing it with friends and family who may be interested!

Available for: PC/Mac
Website: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/30564009/ever-jane-the-virtual-world-of-jane-austen
Developed by: 3 Turn Productions

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