Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awesome Kickstarters: 8-Bit Inspired Notebooks and NEW SNES Boss Music!

Kickstarter is a really awesome place where we can geek out over stuff that's absolutely perfect for us. Today's finds include lasercut notebooks with awesome 8-bit game-themed art, hilarious and useful "passive aggressive notepads" and two different talented musicians covering SNES-era music! None of these are quite backed yet, but REALLY should be! Make sure that you give them all some love! Remember that even if you can't afford to back them, you can help out by sharing them with friends and family.

I LOVE notebooks. When they go on sale before the school year starts, I used to pick up the limit they'll allow you to purchase. The thing is, though, that we've become a people who get the right phone cover, wallet or purse, pins, backpacks/bags, cars and clothes to show who we are but neglect things like pens and notebooks. These 8-Bit Inspired Notebooks may be a bit pricy - $14 for one, $28 for two, $40 for 3 or $50 for 4 - but they're SUPER AWESOME, have high quality paper and you can choose the color behind the cover AND they come in some really awesome designs. Who wouldn't want the "... Take This" Zelda sword on the cover of their notebook??? Plus, you have to remember that it covers shipping as well! And if you can't do the $14 for a notebook, you can still get a postcard for only $5. Brandy is SO close to getting her 100%; as I write this she's $195 away, which is only 14 $14 notebooks or 39 $5 postcards! And if that isn't enough, she's backed 23 other projects in the past!!!! Hopefully once she annihilates her goal of $750, she'll be inspired to keep creating more!

[EDIT: as you can see, she successfully hit her goal! WOOHOO!!!]

You're going to need some amazing music to go along with your awesome new notebooks! Luckily Mark is here, and he's creating NEW boss themes for SNES-era games! That's right, it's not just a remix or a collection, it's a collection of brand new songs composed specifically for games like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and my personal favorite game of all time, Earthbound! For just $5 you'll get the digital album when it's complete, and for $10 you'll get them as he finishes em! Once he hits his $1,000 goal, he'll keep adding a song per stretch goal ($1,200, $1,500, $1,900, etc). Plus, come on, he named his daughter after Lucca from Chrono Trigger, she created the art for the cover of the album (and more) and she's absolutely adorable! Not only does this campaign need to hit its goal, it needs to be enough to inspire both of them to do more!

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