Thursday, October 31, 2013

Astro Golf on Kickstarter - Adventure, Golf Style!

I've played a few games in the past that revolve entirely around basically shooting yourself in a direction to get to your goal, collecting points and the like as you go. I would say it's one of my favorite genres, really, as it's a unique way to get around and explore. Imagine if you combined Angry Birds with exploration; instead of flinging yourself at a building and pigs to destroy them you flung yourself in a direction toward a goal. All of that being said, Astro Golf looks like a fun addition to the genre!

I'm rather sad that I found out about this one so late, with it having only 8 days left and all. The game looks really intriguing with its selection of robots to play as, upgrades and collectibles. Typically in these types of games you can earn points as you go, but they don't really have any effect on the game itself... Gears working to earn upgrades sounds exciting!

Like I said, there are only 8 days left for the game to get funded, and it still needs over $18,000. I really do hope it makes it, or that if it doesn't, the developer still manages to create this game and become successful with it.

Available for: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Lowest pledge for copy of the game: $10 for mobile OR computer ($30 for beta access also)